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Vampyres in Brazil: History and Perspectives from last 15 Years

Expositores e artistas do Bazar Rede Vamp Haloween

There is the literal and those who believe or reject foolishly. But there is a third stage that recognizes the symbolic and the artistic as a means of achieving strange but interrestingly healthier and fuller realities for all of us. I’m inspired by it! I think that our Vamp is inside this third party. This is what inspired me and led me to influence and perform evident prodigies by the Vampyric Comunity in Brazil. It took time, allies, and discovering true love as well as adamantine seeing what was clear on my path to cross the abyss, to leave the ego and to learn to forget oneself in the name of my people and what was necessary for all we. Today 15 years later (almost half of my life add some years) I am grateful to all these people who accompany me on so many fronts. Make the party or the event that you always wanted to go, write what you always wanted to read – have a foundation, fidelity, correct what has been wrong, keep your vows, covenants and promises – that the universe corresponds sending more and more people eager to live , attend and support all of this. Symbols connect, transforms, estabilish bridges and cristalyze dreams. Sucess is our proof as said the hermetics. I know and say all this because im a Vampyre. What you read in this article is a listing of what we have already done or produced today. If it works it is because we have foundation and foundation to raise columns, arches, walls, stained glass, domes and a pinnacle of our magna opera – and lot of gardens before the rainy and dark forest-  accessible to our people and supporters. Visit the links on this article, use google translator and check by yourself.


In the role of historian and independent academic I watch the rise and decline of people, brands, fantastic universes, societies and groupings linked to the context VAMP since 1993 and to be honest with you dear reader hardly saw anything similar to everything that has been developed in Brazil since 2003. I have already had the pleasure of reading a few mentions and praises of brothers and sisters and their realization that in the United States, London, Paris or Berlin a Vamp society has never gone so far and delimited its symbolic borders with popular culture or government local. This article is intended to only register and display what we have in Halo Antares and Halo Amantkir for historical and informative purposes developed directly under REDE VAMP auspices and associates. We are partners from other creative spirits and in next article we will show this awesome night peoples and his works too.

São Paulo also know as Halo Antares has a long 15 years of story developed and started alone by me. As time passed, others came together (Artists, Djs, Occultists, Dancers, Ballerinas, Ilusionist, Performers, Musicians, Djs, Writers, Cineasts, Phds, Doctors and much more) and this enriched even more what was to come. Came the members of Circulo Strigoi, of Rede Vamp gradually emerged an identity, a spirit and a flavor of its own, vampyrics naturally but with “gãna” and “firmness” typical of a people that welcomes the best of the European, Indian, Latin, Asian and African – as all good spirituality and spirituality who was born in this land of Vera Cruz today called Brazil. After them came the Sahjaza Brazil family under the auspices and inspiration from the Mother of All Rosemary Sahjaza. We have something true and original here on Brazil that descends from the clearest and oldest sources associated with the vampiric archetype be it in spirituality and cosmovision or even in folklore and pop culture.

I think that is important, its important register and tell this history and true facts around our people from our land. 15 Years of History, most of 450 events realized. A periodic printed magazine called REDE VAMP on third edition with more of 2000 editions solded. We have Vampyric Mysteries Art of Contemporary Vampyrism one of the most complete books ever published that studies in history, etymology and comparative mythology the trajectory of the Vampire and that includes in a very broad and researched way everything that formed our social and alternative context in the last 50 years – and with over 12,000 copies already sold in South America and Portugal and now being translated into English.And we have a webradioshow on air since 2006 called VOX VAMPYRICA with lotmore of 350 editions broadcasted on a important local webradio called Antena Zero.If you wanna know a little more aroun recent vampyre comunity history, please check this article

Dear readers, it is enough of bravado and poetry! Here follows a very detailed facts and achievements of the 15 years of the Brazilian Vampyric Community.

    • Our members offered the first translations to portuguese from articles and texts of Sanguinarium and another Houses or north american and european groups since ends of 2003; remember sites like The MaoZoleuM, Tribos de Gaia e o célebre Vampyrismo.Org and diverses blogs;
    • We have representants from our Court and Rede Vamp to deal with the City council of São Paulo the most important and biggest city on South America and also with Brazilan federal govern.We have already held several events in the City Hall with the participation of city councilors, important politicians and the local media to discuss issues related to the right of free thought and expression as we live times of persecution by religious fanatics in Brazil; we also discuss issues related to incentive and protection laws for people working with alternative therapies and oraculists in the face of these threats. We also talked about the vast market for fantastic literature and alternative production. Just as on several occasions we have raised issues related to esoteric societies and alternative cultures such as Vampyres and Witches – breaking taboos and showing the side of the professional, home provider and citizen who deserves to have their rights and freedoms guaranteed without prejudice and discrimination. (You can read and watch about this here and here); We also assist the Brazilian direction of World Pagan Pride Day to be held in the City Hall and offer visibility and space for various religious movements and their members including Wiccans, Heathens, Asatrus, Shamans, Druids, Traditional Witchcraft and Afrocaribean Cults. (Article Coming)
    • Our state government has already recognized and publicly honored  our alternative cultural, spiritual and artistic work to our Vamp Comunity since 2003, being recognized and awarded by the government of our state in 2017, And the most important by the most of 300 Vamps who lives in our city area and more than 15.000 around Brazil and South America who became part of all this trough our work along these years. (You can read about on my FB page, article coming soon);
    • In Our City, Halo or even “Court” called ANTARES since 2004 (inspired on the idea of Royal Court from Goddess Rosemary events organized on other decades) transcending the Vamp boundaries we have representants to legal situations to deal with our city authorities also professional relationship with local media, partneship and representats togheter pagan groups and associations related to occult and discreet societys as FreeMasons, Teosophic Lodges, Thelemic Lodges and much others. Yes we are Halo Antares founded by Lord A on 2004 and this halo appeared and was quoted around O.S.V publishings, Sanguinarium and Sabretooth until 2010 (i tell this history, here);

    • THE STRIGOI ANKH (SAHJAZA ANKH): Since 2006 originally called The Dark Moon Ankh was inspired and influenced by Master D´Drenam original Vampyre Comunity Ankhs from New York. But developed with our fundaments and basis under my visions and dreams and the awesome detailed handmand work from Master Alchemist, my journey´s brother on silver pieces. At end of 2017 The Black Moon Ankh was re-batized as Sahjaza Ankh to international market. Read the complete history here!
    • We also have a cultural tour called “SÃO PAULO MALDITA – DESVENDANDO HALO ANTARES” that is the result of a field research carried out for almost a decade that presents guests with reports of popular saints, haunts, mysterious crimes, supposed witches’ fires of the ancient inquisition, legends of the Indians and slaves who have survived to this day. The tour is free and the price has always been the donation of dog or cat food that we redirected to organizations that care for abandoned animals. This was inspired by the legendary Temple of Cats created by Goddess Rosemary in NY during the 1990s.
    • Meeting of the Tarot of the Vampires: Made monthly as a free event dedicated to bringing the Tarot art and history as a tool of self-knowledge and its use as spirituality and also in the magical scope to the target audience. Between 2011 and 2015 brought important names of the Brazilian tarot for lectures whose entry was 1kg of dog or cat feed donated to various groups that care for abandoned animals. Initially it was a themed picnic in the big parks of the city and later had as its second-floor seat of the Gothic and Victorian Fake No More Clothing Store, in the so-called Rock Gallery in downtown. The studies were presented based on the beautiful The Vampyre Tarot from Lo Scarabeo Publishing House, designed by David Corsi and created by Barbara Moore (international author and world reference on tarot) who participated in an edition through video conference. Read More at Oficial Site
    • Our town and surrounding regions have a rich history of festivals, parties, vampire masked balls and events intended for the Vampyre Community initiated and maintained by Lord A :. are well over 450 events already held in our entire existence! Formally since 2004 (it starts in his Vampire Theater 2004-2008, inspired by Anne Rice’s writes and Tony Sokol’s musical theater in New York, check your Vampyre Almanac 2004 or 2005 edition! (Theres a interview there with me, not a good one… its a bit distorted but…) before that since 1998-1999 there have been some minor events linked to the vamp context more subjectively in homes like Thorns and in the legendary Madame Satan. Actually our principal event and night party is FANGXTASY THE AUTHENTIC VAMPYRIC AND GOTHIC NIGHT  the event occurs every 45 or 60 days and twice a year presents a sensational Venetian and Vampyric Mask Ball. In addition we keep the CARMILLA: A Galla Noctem that had editions in a house that was an abandoned church in São Paulo. There is also the BAZAR REDE VAMP that gathers and joins artisans, artists, importers, creators of period costumes, cosmakers and other creative spirits in an afternoon full of shows, themed presentations. Focused specifically on art and culture, as well as the vast market of young writers and professionals in fantastic literature we keep the soirées Mysteries of Midnight, Fantastic Academy made in the main MegaBookStores of the shopping malls of the city with the support of the great national publishers of the sector and the mythical Garden of Persephone realized on the mist ruins of legendary English Village from old São Paulo Railway.
      • CIRCULO STRIGOI: We have a stronghold of spirituality and cosmovision dedicated to Vamps with its own headquarters on VAMP TOWER at São Paulo and SOLO SAGRADO STRIGOI in the mountains of the Mantiqueira mountain range (Halo Amantkir, started in 2012). Under a strong inheritance from SAHJAZA mixed with contents of our own journey Circulo Strigoi founded at 2006 which thrives tirelessly through the celebration of its seasonal rites, rites dedicated to the older members, and also of instruction and support to neophytes, trackers and apprentices. Annually performs a ritual open to the Vampyric Comunity and its supporters dedicated to the ARETE and the virtues of Love, Honor, Character and Star Fire in the Village of the English during the festivities of the Meeting of Witches of Paranapiacaba. The leadership of this discrete society constantly participates in debates and meetings with philosophical circles, discrete societies and great names of esoteric literature, pagan movements and associations linked to religions and alternative spiritualities and Afro-Brazilian religions. Since 2017 we are translanting and offering our books to non portuguese readers (its a 7 bookseries actually releasing his 4th volume). We are proud that our members have conquered their degrees and titles with work and effort in the Strigoi Circle and also in the Brazilian line of the Sahjaza Dynasty and in the international one.

Understand that Vampyre Comunity is a serious subject in São Paulo and in the groups that we have inspired and influenced over the past 15 years in fashionism or spirituality and cosmovision. We do not have time for dramas, egos and people thirsting for titles, medals, ankhs and recognition. We do not waste time with this because we have history, achievements, works and a prosperous symbolic heritage that we are generous to share given their abundance. It’s not something you wear over the weekend to impress or get attention, It is not about posting produced photo, phrases of effect and being the terror of the TINDER or equivalent. It is not a matter of inventing names for existing functions or spiritual symbols, or of customizing in their own way content that has been studied for centuries in hermeticism, occultism, and the liberal arts. It would make someone as empty or shallow as a walnut shell. It is something that you live in daily life in your time, in your measure and personal dimension. Together during this time we have built and developed a culture, fashionist and spiritual context respectful of the identity and praxis of our people and that resonates deeply with a nomadic, hunting, exotic, nocturnal and beautiful tradition.

When you visit our country come to know our Halo, our Court and our meetings and events – surely it will be like a home or a refuge for you, even if very far away.

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