Carmilla 2020
Carmilla is the most important yearly event from South America


Welcome to REDE VAMP we started our activities in the city of São Paulo in Brazil around 2003 and since then we have been the introducers and the main source of contents and resources for the entire Vampyric context in Brazil, South America and Portugal. Our achievements and our history is confused with that of fashionism, cultural production, cosmovision and spirituality Vampyric in our lands  thanks to the work of our patriarch and leader Lord A :. King Axikerzus Sahjaza. We currently have more than 130,000 direct views, more than 25,500 fixed visitors per month, more than 970 publications in Portuguese, more than 300 editions of the weekly VOX VAMPYRICA program on air since 2006 and about 500 events already produced. This is without mentioning the pioneering nature of REDE VAMP magazine distributed at events from underground clubs to Shoppings and Universities. Welcome to Rede Vamp!

Court of Antares and Amantkir
Lord A interacting with our loyal members


In Brazil alone there are more than 172 years of books, poetry and the 60 most recent plays, movies, novels, comics and the like – linked to the VAMP context. The count starts with the publication of Olavo and Branca or the Maternal Curse there in 1845 or so (we speak of these first Brazilian vampires here) Five decades before the Irish writer Bram Stoker publish the celebrated novels Dracula the vampires already circulated not only in the old European world and Brazil already had its Vamps characters acting out there.

If we presumably speculate on the presence of the costumed shamans as bats, blood sacrifices to placate El Nino in the mountain ranges and deities of elongated canines carved in the temples and sacred places of pre-Columbian cultures, the thing becomes much older. Our Romanian, Transilvanic and Valachian readers will forgive us, but the land of vampires is here in South America and Central America. Where else can fauna behave as many vampire bats and spirituality as many bats deities as Moxica, Camazots, Exú Bat and so many others?

Unlike what happened in the United States, England, Germany and France, an alternative circuit or underground of aesthetic expression, events, meetings, discrete societies for studies of our spirituality took shape only from the middle of 2003 and intensified from 2010 with actions of  REDE VAMP in several cities of here and in other countries at South America and Portugal. Perhaps São Paulo is the only city in the world that has a municipal law that guarantees an official date for celebrating a “VAMPIRES DAY” 18 years ago and on this date we encourage blood drive in public hospitals, campaigns against prejudice and discrimination and incentive to all artistic expressions. Read the full History here!