Lord A (King Prime Axikerzus Sahjaza) & Queen Prime Xendra Sahjaza

KING PRIME Axikerzus Sahjaza (A.K.A: Lord A :.) is the creator of the REDE VAMP AND GODFATHER OF BRAZIL VAMP COMUNITY! He begin his activities as DJ and Producer of alternative events between the years of 1998 and 1999 with the vernisage of his paintings that explored a nocturnal spirituality. He was the creator of one of the first Brazilian websites on these subjects and since then the Vampire has been a reality in its trajectory.

In Brazil in 2014 he published the book Vampyric Mysteries The Art of Contemporary Vampyrism by one of the main esoteric publishers, with a launch in the Book Bienal (the largest literary event in South America) and has sold more than 10,000 copies. This book is in English translation and will be launched soon in England. At 2019 his new book Deus é um Dragão (God is a Dragon) by Penumbra Livros hits the brazilian book stores! Since 2017 Lord A publish the series Codex Strigoi with 7 books focused on last 15 years of pratices, ethos and praxis from his Circulo Strigoi.

Founder and creator of the Circle Strigoi a discrete society that develops the Cosmovision Vampyrica has shared its knowledge and practices in the international series CODEX STRIGOI. He was a collaborator and interviewed in the main Vamps publications of the last decade in the United States and Europe because of his creations and events. Since the year 2005 he is a proud member of the Sahjaza North American dynasty, occupying the rank of High Elder and more recently the title and functions as Prince. He is married to his beloved Queen Prime Xendra Sahjaza, first Priestess of the Strigoi Circle and his companion in this large and emblematic work dedicated to the VAMPS of all times and kingdoms.

Queen Prime Xendra Sahjaza – Producer of cultural events at Rede Vamp, presenter of the weekly program VOX VAMPYRICA, responsible for curating the presentations and performances of the events and the first Priestess of the Strigoi Circle who is a discreet society and sisterhood, offering information and training for people who appreciate the vastness of the “Vampyrica Worldview”. He is currently preparing his first book on female spirituality on the Vampyrica Cosmovision.

Lord A:. and Queen Prime Xendra and REDE VAMP may be contacted on:
[email protected]
Whatsapp/Telegram +5511 988448689