Image Banners

[image_banner slogan=”-50% OFF ON THE WOMAN COLLECTION” slogan_color=”#fff” subslogan=”DISCOVERY NOW >” subslogan_color=”#ffffff” subslogan_color_hover=”#f7c104″ button=”no” label_button=”” background_image_url=”” href=”#”  banner_height=”177″  animate=”fadeInUp” ]

[image_banner slogan=”-50% OFF ON THE WOMAN COLLECTION” slogan_color=”#000000″ subslogan=”DISCOVERY NOW >” subslogan_color=”#ffffff” subslogan_color_hover=”#f7c104″ button=”yes” label_button=”ENJOY NOW” background_image_url=”” href=”#”  banner_height=”462″  animate=”fadeInRight” animation-delay=”100″ ]

[box_title subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”15″ font_alignment=”center” border=”middle” border_color=”#CDCDCD”]SHORTCODE ATTRIBUTES[/box_title]
  • slogan: slogan of the image banner
  • slogan color: color of the slogan
  • subslogan: subslogan of the image banner
  • subslogan color: color of the subslogan
  • subslogan color hover: color of the subslogan when mouse is hover
  • button: whether to show the button
  • label button: label of the button
  • banner height: height of the banner
  • background image url: path of the background image
  • overlay color: color of the transparence when mouse is hover
  • href: url of the link
  • animate: animation type
  • animation delay: the delay to which the animation starts