The Vampire Day campaign arrives in its seventeenth edition (law project 430/2002 and law 3650 of 09/23/2003) and an official date of the city of São Paulo since September 2003 – it has as a flag to encourage people to donate blood/blood drive in public blood banks; promote cultural diversity and campaigns against prejudice and discrimination. Vampires Day is one of the best portraits of our Vamp Community of Brazil

It was created by the filmmaker, actress and writer Liz Vamp who started it independently and since then has been developing with each new edition. Rede Vamp has supported the campaign since 2004 and encourages its development in other cities in Brazil and in several outbreaks in the states of Minas Gerais, Paraná, Federal District, Goiás and others. In this year of 2018 thanks to the support of the Sahjaza Dynasty and the support of CODEX STRIGOI readers Vampire´s Day has arrived in several Vamps Courts at North American Cities, Toronto in Canada and again in Europe in England and the United Kingdom, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Madeira Island – conquering its space in the heart of the international Vamp community. Now Day of Vampires is a brazilian traditions celebrated in our lands.

  • Dj Maven Lore, King of New Orleans created special Djset to Carmilla The Darkest Moon Ball
  • Vamps around the world offer support to Day of Vampire
  • 2018 Liz Vamp and Lord A talk about the upcoming 18th anniversary of campaign

In Brazil the date is celebrated during the festivities of CARMILLA The Darkest Moon Ball that marks the 17Years of the establishment and foundation of the Vamp Community of Brazil in 2003.