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The CODEX STRIGOI SECOND book (2 OF 7) leads the neophytes of the Circulo Strigoi to follow through the invisible labyrinth, the constructs that allow us to see what seems natural and at the same time mechanical like the habits and patterns in our way that form Destiny and not the sine as the old would say The work offers ways so that we can direct our eternal thirst for life and the hunger of the soul and make it a drive that brings us closer to a clear and transparent vision of who we are and make us more skilled to create and live a reality more through what we lurk and hunt on the Other Side.

The CODEX STRIGOI series offers foundations for the neophyte to understand and practice various exercises to seize his own strength, deal with the thirst nature of soul hunger and fatigue.Explore the various resorts and seasons of the “Blood” as the force of indestructible life. It addresses the context of the energy and sacredness of one’s own body, body memory and how to effectively and practically work each of its parts – offering a way of integrating and expanding one’s strength. As well as the cleansing and cleansing of old traumas and blemishes derived from self-image. It touches on the themes of body postures and regularization of breathing. It also offers a practical herbal study with smokes, herbal baths and herbal teas that can be used by each searcher to boost and broaden their attractiveness and live with greater prosperity.

The CODEX STRIGOI series of 7 books is written by Lord A :. (Prince Andreas Axikerzus Sahjaza) and compiles 15 years of unpublished content developed and worked on orthopraxy and ritualistic in the discrete society known as Circulo Strigoi dedicated to the development of the Vampyric Cosmovision and spirituality in Brazil. In addition to basal issues the book develops the issue of the use of weapons and magickal tooling, astral journey or lucid dreaming. It presents the use of tarot as a tool of meditation and stimulus to clear vision or draconian gaze. It presents a roadmap of power dates and how to make use of their specifics in their rites. When buying your book do not forget to respond to the email we will send you requesting some information to create your breviary and know you and your interest in our Circulo Strigoi.


This package includes your book CODEX STRIGOI VOL 2 + APOSTILA +  and the respective postage value.

Much more than just a series of books

  • 01 Copy of the book CODEX STRIGOI (Book 2 of 7, 56 pages, special paper and hard cover, bringing unpublished and exclusive contents developed in these 11 years);
  • Access to the next 7 protocols and forms of this degree containing extra rites, exercises, and content – as well as the respective form evaluations for your advancement to further grades.
  • You will also receive invitations to VIDEO CONFERECES trough skype reserved for members of Strigoi Circle that we will announce exclusively by email.

Completing the studies in this  station and its tasks you will advance to the next station and you should acquire the second content kit (be assured that the value is the same). The full day in this program includes another 5 Kits, one for each season. Each will contain one of the upcoming CODEX STRIGOI books (hardcover, special paper, 56 pages), PDF files with protocols, forms, and the possibility of attending a responsible mentor or mentor designated by the CÍRCULO STRIGOI.

The amount invested in the CÍRCULO STRIGOI ensures the preservation and development of new content (books, videos and transmissions), projects and events for members and also for the maintenance of other initiatives developed under the name of VAMP NETWORK.



“It is always worth pointing out that the Strigoi Circle and the Vampyrica Cosmovision DO NOT consist of any type of religion (or anti-religion). All deities are masks of the perennial wisdom of all realms and times, those who spoil all this is the human who tries to make the sacred and nonordinary reality its extension and crutch of ego. So we welcome people of great age, good thoughts and a just heart – no matter where they come from.”

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