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A little talk about about Tradition & Vampyrism as cosmovision and spirituality

Goddess Rosemary, who started the modern Vampyric Cosmovision and Spirituality since 1976. also know as “Mother of All” and that the continuous and uninterrupted work at the head of his dynasty has already inspired and influenced many other groups and associations – though many of them have failed to understand its foundations and foundations.

When I observe my Vamps cousins and their organizations in the northern hemisphere and the dramatic public situations that unfold, I invariably perceive in most cases the absence of a vertical axis of transmission and continuity of their worldview and spirituality. If there were something established and firm in this sense much of what they accomplish would not happen. And this has nothing with religion. If you understand what premoderns called “Mundus Imaginalis” or have a basic notion of Platonism and how dreams and thoughts through well-planned and executed acts shape reality, you will know what I am talking about.

But to exist such an axis requires a sublime foundation and experience that connects objective and nonordinary reality – uniting heaven and earth in accéssis, intoxicating spirit and expelling the time. Without this we have only people utilizing and wearing symbols in the same way as sleeping people use the alphabet every day. for that which is created or born. It is the great error of materialism and immediacy that plagues our days: to try to explain everything from and exclusively on the same plane where it resides.

In this sense Goddess Rosemary was the most successful in starting his craft and art in 1976 in the interior of the state of Washingnton and the consequences of that pulsate and resonate still today almost 5 decades later even reaching Brazil in the last 15 years!

In most of the North American cases what we have is a horizontal axis of social customs, “faite la morale” and fiscal prepared to much drama to defend postures and obediences but not exactly going further and neither signing or transmitting something essential and perennial. Hedonism linked to nihilism with a spiritual quest hardly yields anything better than grass to hungry spirits. If even the Church of Satan himself and his heiress had not been able to keep up, what we say is that the three-year Sanguinarium-Sabretooth-OrdoStrigoiVii of Father Sebaastian (Aaron Hoykas), which lasted for less than 15 years, collapsed and split into several dissidents on account of lack of coherence of its leader and the absence and diluted diffusion of knowledge. I was already here in 1993 following through newspapers and magazines, mailings and later the internet all this. Do not get me wrong with these observations and notes, but reflect on what is missing and this is very clear to those who see from a distance.

People talk a lot about tradition but confuse it with habits, customs, routines, and even certain rules or labels. It is a common mistake of the present day everywhere. Tradition is a serious thing because it refers to the so-called Philosophy or Perennial Wisdom and the transmission of a spirituality that was modeled around the discoveries and perceptions of each tribe and people that passed through the earth and was transmitted in an orthodox way. If what I say bothers you, it goes after perrenial sophia authors and works of philosophy and then we talk more. I went and this was good for me as a person, for mine and for the Brazilian VAMP context that has been flourishing for 15 years through REDE VAMP and his members. Success is our proof. The Sahjaza dynasty and its matriarch and foundress also have this awareness. My brazilian Circulo Strigoi members know that. And you?

There are strange eyebrows, lush suits, hair from television commercials, dramas of those who have lost title or position, hierarchical friendzones, words of effect and sharp to hide attention deprivation, people inventing rules of which they even lived and swallowing by pure ego – masking this of defense, politics, protection, and something similar of something that has not yet opened its door and its access to the sublime. And if it has not rolled so far it is better to study, peek and search the reason. Ego only hides him from Being. History teaches that in these moments it is more productive to turn to those who for almost 50 years started, inspired and influenced the group that for 15 years tried to rewrite, reinvent and put their name as creators of everything but absent base, foundation and reading (and the dream) that brings the fluidity and serenity essential to prosperity. Now I think you must read our article about a clear vision of recent Vampyric History, here.

Text by Lord A:. | Prince Axikerzus Sahjaza
March 2018

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